The Font Finder

The Font-Finder

If you've ever come a cross a typeface that intrigued you but was unfamiliar then you undoubtedly wondered about its name. origins, author, etc. Unfortunately there is no single place to find this information. We have put together our own collection or resources here in hopes that it will assist people in finding out more about the fonts they’re interested in.

    There are a number of sample and specimen books in print. Some of them are quite encyclopedic and include thousands of fonts.

    If you have an author's name, a family name, even just a style - then a database search for your mysterious font may be the best way to find it.

    There are also a few places online where experts lurk and may be willing to help you identify your font.

    Virtually every typographer now has their own web site. It's hard to keep track of them all, so we've listed a couple of resources for tracking them down.

    The big foundries have whole catalogs online.

    There are a few programs dedicated to font identification.

    Do It Yourself
    If you just can’t find that perfect font perhaps the best thing to do is design it yourself.
    Also, check out Fontlab's website which contains the resources to do almost anything you want with digital type

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